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Will LGBTs "Disappear?" How Trump's Actions Impact LGBT Marketing

By Steve Deitsch | Wed, March 29, 2017

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This week, Trump's administration announced that any questions about LGBTs will be eradicated from the 2020 U.S. Census.  This action (along with his executive order this week to allow federal contractors to discriminate against LGBT employees, and his recent removal of federal protections for transgender people trying to use the bathroom) makes his campaign pledge to support the LGBT community, well, "fake news."  

The U.S. Census action may have the longest-lasting negative impact on the LGBT community, as well as on marketers.  Without data about how many LGBT's exist in this country, it will become as if the LGBT community suddenly no longer existed, and government funding will dry up, possibly until after the next U.S. Census in 2030, if LGBT questions are added back in by the next administration..

Companies too, who rely on demographic data for targeting information and to make informed business cases for marketing decisions, will no longer be able to reliably assess how many LGBT people there are in the U.S., and some companies may stop their LGBT-focused marketing campaigns.

It will be as if the LGBT community "disappeared" after 2020, similar to the way it was in the 1990s and before.

However, the LGBT community is resilient and much of the progress that has been won over the last 10 years will continue.  In fact, it is likely that there will be general political backlash to many of Trump's right-wing policies so that the next administration that comes in will reverse many of Trump's executive orders and exclusionary tactics.

When that happens, it will be those forward-thinking companies and organizations that stood with the LGBT community during these dark times that will garner the loyalty of the LGBT dollar, which is estimated at nearly $1 Trillion (similar to the spending of the larger African-American and Hispanic markets).

If you are interested in learning more about LGBT marketing in the age of Trump, you can download a free report on the top five things to know before starting a campaign.  Click on the button below to access the report.

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