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Three Things That Will Change Healthcare Marketing in 2017

By Steve Deitsch | Mon, January 30, 2017


With Trump in office, the marketing landscape for healthcare companies, providers and patients will undergo major changes in 2017.  Some of these changes will provide new opportunities, and some of them will make it more difficult to reach patients, physicians and other healthcare stakeholders.

Knowing what these changes are, and how to navigate through them, will be critical to the success of any healthcare marketer.

We have developed a brief yet essential report to address these changes, challenges and opportunities that you can download for free.  

3 Things That Will Change Healthcare Marketing in 2017

Some of these changes are intentional, such as the repeal of Obamacare, but several of the changes are outcomes of how the recent election process was conducted and/or how Trump deals with media.

To find out more about what the issues are and to get the free report, click on the image of the report above.



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