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The L Word

By Steve Deitsch | Thu, October 6, 2016
The L Word

Usually, when companies talk about marketing to the LGBT community, they mean gay only.  There are reasons for this – e.g.  men (even gay men) are still to this day paid more than women for the same job, so men tend to have more disposable income; also, gay men tend to be trendsetters and early adopters, so are natural targets for companies marketing new, innovative products or technologies.  And while the L’s, B’s and T’s also provide significant market potential for relevant brands, they are often harder to reach, and often underrepresented in media, organizations, etc. 

There are just fewer resources available for these groups, especially for LBT business owners, many of whom face more hardships. It’s also more difficult for consumers to identify LBT businesses, even though there are hundreds of thousands of them in the U.S. alone.

That’s why we are excited to be working with new client Janet O. Penn, who founded The Lesbian Business Community, which provides a dynamic community and directory to help support both lesbian business owners, LGBT-friendly businesses and the consumers that want to identify and patronize these businesses.

What makes The Lesbian Business Community different is that it:

  • Helps support lesbian (and LGBT-friendly) business owners to promote their businesses (The LBC provides online marketing support for its members) and to build their business network
  • Provides relevant articles and tips for business owners, and soon will provide proprietary content by and for lesbian business owners to help them optimize their businesses
  • Lists upcoming events (both locally and nationally) that would be of interest to lesbian consumers and provides an opportunity for organizations to promote their events
  • Provides content of interest to the lesbian consumer, e.g. travel & leisure, entertainment and life & style.



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