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Introducing...Newborn Advantage Surrogacy

By Steve Deitsch | Fri, October 13, 2017



We are excited to unveil the rebranding of our client, formerly known as Lotus Blossom Consulting, now known as Newborn Advantage Surrogacy.

Newborn Advantage Surrogacy is the world's first and only surrogacy agency to focus on creating advantages during and after birth for your newborn through the process of surrogacy and/or egg donation.

They do this by focusing on the quality of the birthing "ingredients," i.e. the intensive screening of surrogates and the high quality network of egg donors.  

They also attract the best surrogates by paying them among the highest in the industry.

The result is a higher quality birthing environment, which has been proven to give newborns advantages in life.

They typically work with same-sex couples, infertile couples, single men/women and/or cancer patients, to help them grow their families when nature doesn't cooperate.

Here are a few short videos we also produced for more information about Newborn Advantage Surrogacy:  Tim, Martin and Gabriel's JourneyMindy Berkson Welcome and Message to Surrogates.

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