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How to Reach the LGBTQ Market Through Top Influencers

By Steve Deitsch | Mon, September 18, 2017

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Influencer campaigns have become an extremely powerful way to quickly garner word of mouth through a trusted voice.  They work similarly to a celebrity spokesperson, although they are generally much less expensive.

Smart companies have also discovered that marketing to the LGBTQ audience  makes good business sense, because the LGBTQ community are proven influencers of the mainstream market when it comes to trends, technology, fashion, arts and entertainment, beauty, fitness, and many more categories.

When working with LGBTQ influencers, there can often be fees involved, and the products have to work with the influencer's personal "brand" so as to come off as authentic.

We have developed a list of the top LGBTQ influencers and how to reach them, should this be something you or your company is interested in pursuing.  

The list is free and available by clicking on the link or the image below.

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Download a Free Report on The Top LGBT Influencers

Please feel free to reach out if this is something you'd like to discuss in further detail.

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