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Bespoke Beauty: What’s Old is New Again

By Steve Deitsch | Thu, October 6, 2016

Bespoke Beauty: What’s Old is New Again

There’s a certain video from 1958 that is making the rounds on social media that shows a woman mixing customized makeup for a customer in a department store.

This technique of custom blending foundation is not new – it was first introduced in the 1930s – and continues to be used today. 

What seems to fascinate viewers today, though, is the “before-your-very-eyes” magic of producing a customized product.   This old-school way of producing makeup is finding a renaissance, as consumers have become more nostalgic about times when things were simpler, and as they yearn for the personal connection that technology, ironically, sometimes takes away.

A few companies have recently introduced (or re-introduced) “bespoke” beauty, including Prescriptives, Lancome and Besame.

It’s not only makeup that has taken on this customization trend, but skincare and fragrance as well.

For example, Louis Vuitton is about to launch a new customized fragrance line, while Creed has been producing customized fragrance for centuries.

In skincare, there are several companies that have attempted customized products (some are now defunct), with varying degrees of success, including Skin Inc., Ioma, Jennifer Young, TruthArtBeauty, Lab21 and PrescribedSolutions.


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