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According to recent estimates, gay and lesbian adult consumers' purchasing power has risen to over $972 billion, and is near the buying power of the African-American and Hispanic audiences, which are about two to three times larger in population.

Not only are gay consumers educated and successful, they're fiercely brand loyal. As Fortune asserts, "gays and lesbians typically have significantly greater buying power than other so-called affinity groups and tend to be more brand loyal."

Gays and lesbians are not just important because they have enormous buying power, but also because they are early adopters of technology, fashion, trends and innovations, and they are great influencers of the mainstream population.

Reaching the gay and lesbian market requires an innate sensitivity to the types of messages that will appeal to them or else they could possibly backfire. It also requires excellent relationships in the gay and lesbian community and media.

Reverberate! specializes in gay and lesbian marketing, and has long-standing relationships with key gay and lesbian media and opinion leaders.

Recent clients include:

  • Continental Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • New York Life
  • American Cancer Society
  • Farrar, Straus & Giroux (publishers)
  • Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art
  • Circle Surrogacy
  • Sir Ivan (music artist/philanthropist)
  • The Lesbian Business Community
  • Vlada Lounge
  • GayFest NYC (theater festival)
  • Crayton Robey Productions (independent film)
  • Embrem Entertainment (independent film)
  • Stewart Lewis (singer/author)
  • Qtalk
  • The Palette Fund

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Hear directly from our clients:

embrem entertainment"Reverberate! exceeded our expectations and generated widespread local and national publicity for our independent film, both in the mainstream & gay/lesbian media. They are very tied into the LGBT community and helped us spread the word through grassroots connections and events. I’d highly recommend Reverberate! to both entertainment companies & anyone trying to reach the LGBT community

- Casper Andreas, President | Embrem Entertainment

qtalk.png"Reverberate! really helped Qtalk get to the next level.  They got us a ton of exposure and provided guidance and expertise and connections that we didn’t have access to."

- Frantz Hall | Qtalk Host and Producer

RockstarletReverberate! rocked!  They got amazing publicity in the LGBT market for my book Rockstarlet, mostly due to their strategic and creative recommendations and connections with the media.

- Stewart Lewis | Author of Rockstarlet 


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